Hi, I’m Maja!

I was born with the gift of intuitive insight and I’ve been guided to use it to help women access their Divine Feminine essence and manifest a harmonious partnership.

My Soul-work is channeling intuitive guidance on the rise of the Divine Feminine, forgiveness of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Union. I’m devoted to supporting you in embracing your femininity and opening up to your true self.

Present. Connected. Of service. This is how I set my intention daily. It drives my energy, thoughts, words and actions.

I believe in You.

My story

Why do I do intuitive mentoring work? because this is what my soul calls for… giving thanks every day for the sacred opportunity to support you.

I’ve felt the calling to be of service ever since I can remember. “Why am I here?” was the question I kept repeating to myself for years and years.

In my late thirties I finally got it: all the doubts and the feeling of something missing came from not living in alignment with my true self.

I was avoiding the very thing that made me feel most alive – channeling and sharing guidance and supporting women with it. All because I was afraid, that I won’t be accepted for who I am.

In January 2016 I packed my bag and flew to Bali, where I was to spend the next 3 months. It felt like a new beginning. And it was, because there I met and accepted myself exactly as I was. My journey into self-discovery continues every single day.

My daily practices are meditation, presence, connection to my inner power, compassion, love and gratitude.

Hi, I’m Kaja!

I am an Artist of life and a creatress of Sacred space. Within this space, I offer support and guidance for those whose Heart is longing for change and is thirsty for true connection.

I work with the ones who are hearing the encouragement of their Heart to come Home, with those who are ready to remember who they truly are.

Women and men, on their journey of inner self-growth and transformation, are being drawn to me so that I can assist them to step into their full power and merge with their essence.

To answer this calling, I use my own experience and intuitive gifts.

My story

I established a successful business, I was designing uniquely hand – painted shoes, handbags and other accessories for more then 15 years. I got married, and divorced, I fell in love many times, seeking the One my heart remembers and on this intense journey I learned he was within me all the time. I struggled with accepting my femininity many years, trying to hide myself behind my work, doubting my strength…

When it was finally time to surrender completely to my essence, I decided to close down my business, because it was holding me back. I was dreaming about traveling the world, following the warmth of the Sun ever since I can remember.

I’m deeply committed to spiritual growth and passionate about art, photography and dance. This is how my Soul is expressing itself and bringing gifts to this world.

Not knowing how or where exactly I was lead to, the guidance of my intuition was stronger than the fear. It was the only thing that felt true. It was the only thing that felt true. So, now, here I am.


We can help.

When you connect to the pure Divine Feminine energy within you, you connect to the very source of your being. It’s the part of you that doesn’t feel the need for control and is comfortable with being relaxed in the gentle flow of life. In the state of believing, attracting and receiving effortlessly.

In this state of being you love your body completely, you experience your sensuality and sexuality with joy and passion, you trust the wisdom of your heart and allow your creative potential to fully express itself. You embrace your vulnerability and softness and recognize that they are actually two of your biggest strengths.

We’re not just saying this, we’ve both been where you are right now. We both went from from secure jobs (Maja was a lawyer), own place and a relationship, to quitting, leaving our home country and living off savings. Moving around many times, shyly starting each our own new business thinking more of how it “should” look like instead of building it from the heart. Hiding behind fears, not trusting and suppressing our femininity. Struggling in relationships, fighting for control, because we didn’t know how to accept our own power and step into it without fearing that we will remain alone.

All of that changed once we started reconnecting with our Divine Feminine essence. And every day, the more we opened up to it, the more our intuitive guidance deepened, our true selves were shining and our love for all that is expanded. We met at a crucial time in our lives, when all of the above was coming together… in the beautiful land of Bali. And instantly we knew – we were soul sisters and fellow travelers on the path of life.

People tell us all the time, that we look like twins. And truly we feel like that. “Same same, but different.” you could say.

We share the same FREQUENCY, we’re both code carriers and messengers of the Divine Feminine. We’re both activators, frequency holders and gridkeepers. Together we cover a wider spectrum than each of us separately. Kaja is more earthy and activates the energies that cover the first three chakras, and I work more with activating intuitive abilities and your connection with the upper three chakras. We both work through the Heart, which connects the above and below. Kaja is a visual artist and I’m a writer. We are both channels. When we are together everything is wildly amplified.

You deserve the best, dear sister, that’s why we decided to start creating inspiration and tools that will support and uplift you to your highest potential for love and joy. We are so excited for all of us, because I can already see us all shining so bright!

So you don’t need to walk this path alone. Allow us to support you with each of our gifts, intuitive insight and and our experiences in remembering the beautiful and strong woman you are.