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We are carriers and activators of divine feminine codes. We are intuitive mentors for women, devoted to joy, creativity, sisterhood and love. What we do in this life is a direct expression of who we are.

The radiance and love you see in us, is a reflection of your own essence. We are here to show you how to awaken it.


Years ago we both struggled with the endless search for love, happiness and that yet unknown piece which was always missing no matter what we tired, achieved or who we surrounded ourselves with.

Kaja studied visual arts, fell in love many times, established a successful business designing uniquely hand painted shoes and accessories, got married, divorced, followed wanderlust and all the while she struggled with accepting her femininity and her gifts as intuitive channel.

Maja was a criminal lawyer working for the state, spent most of her adult life in partnerships, feeling misunderstood and out of place, being too afraid to step out of her comfort zone, to explore the world, her femininity and her gifts as intuitive, seer and writer.

We were both too scared of rejection to really speak and live our truth. Neither of us was fully listening to the Divine guidance that kept flowing through our beings ever since we could remember.

Though we both come from the same small country, we only met in 2016 in Bali. The similarities in our stories were striking, almost incredible. Through instant recognition our path of sisterhood and soul-work began.


Meeting yourself, loving yourself and receiving yourself fully as woman is one of the greatest gifts you can unwrap in this life.

The moment it happens, you know, that you’ve finally returned home.

Home to your soul. Home to your body, your very own temple here on Earth.

In that moment you start remembering your connection to the infinite flow of creativity, softness, intuition, sensuality and love within you. And you finally give yourself permission to relax and be vulnerable, in disarmed surrender and trust.


This is your true power.

This is when you start embodying your soul and your purpose.


We are here to support you in awakening the divine woman that’s already home within you.

We are here to guide you to the space, where you know and remember, that:

  • It’s OK to be yourself.

  • It’s safe to express your truth.

  • It’s safe to open up and show your vulnerability.

  • It’s safe to embody your femininity in all areas of your life.

  • You can do this.

  • You’re not alone on this journey.

  • It’s your choice how the rest of your life will unfold.

We are here to share with you the tools we used on our path of awakening to our femininity and support you in finding your own.

Welcome home, sister.

It’s time to embrace the essence of you. Learn more >>>