Embrace surrender and breathe

The past week brought many of you to your knees, either emotionally or physically. The month of May is super charged with growth lessons and last week’s full moon only amplified that.

Everything withing you that still calls for resolution or release is now resurfacing.

And by everything I mean everything. Even the things you thought were in the past and didn’t realize were still affecting you. And it’s not about forgetting or erasing them, but about accepting, embracing, forgiving and releasing.

We’re up-leveling and it’s quite epic.

Many experienced the feeling of powerlessness in the past days. Either when it comes to your body, perhaps due to pain, disease or any other “issue” that you feel is out of your control. Or when it comes to your emotions, because you’re being triggered exactly in the areas that you can’t/ don’t want to deal with right now and that bring up the memory of deep fear and/or pain.

Here’s what you need to know right now. There are two types of feeling powerless: the one where you gave up your power and you’re not rooted in it. And the one where you recognize, that not everything is within your control and that there’s nothing you can do but surrender.

In the past days many of you were experiencing the second one.

It was a lesson in surrender and trust. And it came to you so fiercely, because you needed to be brought to your knees – either physically or emotionally – so that you would say “I can’t do this, I don’t know what to do, Universe or anyone else, please help me, guide me. I want this to change, I’m ready to let go and stop fighting, I’m ready to start listening to my guidance. I’m feeling the pain and there’s nothing I can do about it. I surrender.”

Here’s a meditation you can try:

Sit down, straighten your spine and take a few slow breaths first. When you feel ready visualize yourself laying on the grass under the warm rays of the sun. The ground is warm and the grass is soft and you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed. You are laying in a circle with other meditating sisters, with our heads turned towards the center of the circle, holding hands.

Feel the warm ground beneath you and connect to Mumma Earth, receive her frequency and vibration. Then do the same with the gentle Sun rays caressing your skin. In your vision close your eyes and invite the Divine Mother to nourish you. Feel how Mother Nature takes you in her arms, holding you gently and whispering over and over again „All is well my dear, all is well.“ Feel how your body starts relaxing and releasing any tension… allowing the natural flow of your body to take over. All this time sisters are holding you too. You’re safe in the embrace of the Divine Feminine.

Breathe gently. When it feels right… conclude with 3 deep breaths…. sealing into your essence everything you just experienced…. then opening your eyes.

After the meditation speak softly, move gently, breathe smoothly and deeply honor the gift of your own essence.

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