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A call to the Feminine leaders of New Earth

Full moon and lunar eclipse transmission

The Full Moon on January 31 will be a Super Blue-Blood Moon. A powerful cosmic event that will shift things into even deeper alignment. It’s a time of accelerated purification, unraveling and embodiment for the Feminine.

A Blue Moon happens when two full moons occur in the same calendar month and so the January 31 super moon will be, after the last potent super moon of January 1, the second full moon of the month. Blue Moons only happen approximately every two and a half years and even NASA has said that this is an “extra special super moon”. The upcoming super moon also marks the last in the super moon trilogy, as the first one happened on December 3 2017, when everything kicked up a notch.

Besides all of that, this super moon will coincide with a total lunar eclipse, that’s why the moon will take on a reddish glow, making it a Blood moon.

The powerful sacred container created by the super full moon on the 1st of the year and the super full moon and total lunar eclipse on the 31st, is holding an energetic space, within which everything is amplified: your intentions, thoughts and actions, the clearing, the healing and the growth.

It’s a time and space with immense potential for your new beginning to be activated. Are you ready to fully step into it?

2018 is unlike any other year we’ve experienced

It’s the year that will show you what you weren’t ready to see until now. It’s the year that will give you the opportunity to heal your deepest wounds. It’s the year when anything, that’s not serving you and us, as collective anymore, will fall away and exit your life fast and with a bang, but sill feeling so right.

2018 is the year of coming into form. 

The Feminine has risen. She has taken her rightful place again and it’s now time for her to expand into her essence. There’s no need to fight for power or control any more. It’s time for her to rest easy in the knowing that she doesn’t need to prove herself and she doesn’t need to go after what she desires.

Everything she needs, comes to her effortlessly, because that’s the law. She’s the receiver and the creatrix. She intimately understands, that growth takes time and space. So she knows that there’s no rush and no waiting, just perfect divine timing. In her creative flux she’s safely held and supported with focused action by her inner Masculine. In that knowing she is rooted, allowing for Divine inspiration to flow freely through her into form.

She is You

This transmission will powerfully set things into motion for you. It will activate and accelerate your stepping into your full power as a leader of New Earth, magnetising your presence for those waiting for you to show up in their lives.

Are you ready to light up as example of the Feminine embodied as woman, sister, daughter, mother, partner and business creatrix?


We are divine feminine codes carriers and activators and this is what we do. We activate you and spark awakening solely through our presence.

If you’ve ever seen any of our videos, photos art or writing, you know it moved you deep in the core of your being. That’s because through our presence we transmit the pure vibration of light and love.

Our mission is to remind you of your own truth and brilliance.

Once you remember it, you can embody the radiance and love you’ve always been carrying within. The world is waiting for you to come out of hiding and share your unique gifts.

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