The path unseen is within you

Sleeping time is over. It’s time to embody all you came here to embody. Right now.

If you’ve been feeling as if you’re squeezed between two giant rocks OR as if a higher power is tearing off your protective armor and you’re thinking “wait, wait, give me just a bit more time” OR as if every f***ing thing you were afraid of or thought you had already resolved is coming up again OR as if time is simply running out and you’ll never manage to fulfill your purpose here on Earth… join the club. Yes, the pressure is on, because you need to know that there’s really no way back now and it’s time to truly release everything and anything that’s been holding you back. The power of this moon will support you in that.

There’s a quickening happening. Everything is moving and shifting faster. We aren’t talking about years of working on yourself anymore, now the shift can happen in a moment. And you know it.

The path unseen is within you. (Read that again.)

Now Listen well: You don’t need to know the how, you just need to know. To remember. Because the knowing is within you, it has always been and it’s now resurfacing…. disturbing your “peace” in the areas where you decided to settle. You know very well what those areas are. It used to be, that the waves of remembering would wash over you occasionally and you could brush them off… like the water dries out, they would go away. But now… now there’s a storm my dear… what you were ignoring is not going away any more. If you’re reading this, then you’re ready. The path unseen is within you. Your heart knows. Your soul knows. You’ve even been getting visions about it, haven’t you?

And you’re not alone on this path, because your tribe, your soul family has been gathering around you in the last years and even more so in the last months. You recognize them, because they vibe on the same frequency as you. That’s why they feel so familiar. Even if you’ve never met in person and you’ve “only” connected online. When soul family connects a deeper remembrance is triggered… activated within you… you are each other’s support system… not only in the way you’ve know it so far, but also energetically. You can call on it any time, anywhere. Because we are always here, always connected.

Twin flames

The 144.00 are coming together. The soul families within this group have been reconnecting as well… yes, it’s the ones that came to mind right now. This recognition came through your heart, through soul connection, through the eyes. Blessed be! The connection between divine beloveds is being restored… that’s why you might have been feeling your divine counterpart more intensely in the past days. There has been a quickening here as well. And by now you know, that expectations are only a hindrance, a chain. So release them. Instead show yourself in all your brilliance… to yourself and everyone around you. True recognition from both can only come, when you remove the layers of protection that kept you hidden… And you need to do this for yourself. For the love. So you can be free.

Time and frequency

Time is no more, you only have now. Did you notice, how you can’t remember anymore exactly what you did and when… how the past weeks and even days fade faster and pass by faster? That’s because your frequency is rising… you’re rising above the concept of time. So what you have is now. That doesn’t mean you should panic… it simply means, you should start being you now. After that everything will fall into place… because… the path unseen is within you, your very own GPS is within you.

The body

You’re here to embody your path, to embody your spirit. The time of separating from the body is over, unity is happening here too. You’re coming back into your body, starting to feel the need to nurture it more than ever, to keep it fit and healthy. Allow yourself to feel everything your body is trying to tell you. Embrace it.

One more time: The path unseen is within you. So, do it… actually be it.

Full moon blessings,

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