Our work will resonate with you, if:

  • You feel a strong calling to tap into your gifts and strengths
  • You want to embrace your Divine Feminine essence
  • You’ve been trying to figure out how to balance your daily tasks with your deep desire to be of higher service
  • You wish to create a harmonious relationship with a partner who will support you on this path
  • You’re willing to take a honest look at your life
  • You’re ready to heal old patterns that create resistance.

This is how our sessions work:

Every session is fully personalized. and meant to empower you to take decisions from a place of connection to your deepest truth.

It’s about supporting you in re-connecting to your own intuition, your own truth and not about predicting future events or outcomes.

During your session we hold a safe and high vibration space, so that you can experience the energy you need to experience at the time. This supports you in integrating the messages received during the session faster.

You will leave the session with an insight into a higher wisdom that transcends rational thought and is always available to guide you towards your highest good. You’ll also learn how to tap into it.

We work through Skype and in person, taking only a limited number of clients.

Choose your session: 

  • One-Time Session // 222 eur

After receiving your email we’ll arrange a day and time to meet over Skype or in person.

If you cannot make it, I kindly ask you for 24 hours of notice to reschedule. 

Please allow about 60 minutes for the session. We also suggest taking a few minutes before it to center yourself and set an intention for it. The intention can be very specific or simply to “get to know what you most need at this time”. In case you have any questions feel free to email me before the session.

We do not record the Skype sessions, but you are welcome to do so.

Please feel free to email me after the session with any comments or a follow-up question.

To book a session send an email to Please mention your location or time zone and any times of the day that are not convenient for you.

  • Mentoring program // price on request

We are preparing a mentoring program, that will be a deep dive into sacred intimacy with yourself and activation of your full potential.

If you want to know more, please leave your info here or send us an email to

  • Transmissions and Activations // 33 eur

We regularly record energy transmissions and code activations. They all include meditations and visualizations that you can use regularly.

Please click here to see what’s available.